Uploading Rules!

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Uploading Rules!

Post  clc on Thu Feb 17, 2011 5:51 pm

*Rules may be changed or added to by staff as we see fit without notice*

Thank you for your interest in sharing your creations with the Members of the Inspiring sims Site. There are a few rules however that must be followed if you share your content here.

1. Always use IN GAME pictures with all of your creations. The reason for this is to show the accurate quality of the item you have made and to ensure the members the creation works in the game. All animated meshes or creations should have action pictures with it.

2. When uploading to the site a creation that you have made, If the creation has a defect in it, you must tell the member and show a picture if possible. Our members want to be aware of what they are downloading, so be honest and upfront with all that you create.

3. Be sure if you upload a lot, to clean it thoroughly with Clean Installer. Do not leave any hacks in it. The game will package more than you may use in your lot. Be cautious.

Most importantly have fun and be creative; we all enjoy looking at all types of creations here; so wheather you create lots, clothing, objects or anything else we would love to see your creations.

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