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Inspiring Sims Artists

Post  clc on Thu Feb 17, 2011 5:56 pm

How do we choose a Inspiring Sims Artist?

To be chosen as a Inspiring Sims Artist members need to be an active member of the forum. Designers are chosen not just on the quality of their creations, although obviously this plays an important part. Other important factors that are taken into consideration is how well they will fit in with the forum, including their ability to get on with members and staff, their ability to work as part of a team, time and talent contributed to the forum in the past and pleasantness within the forum.

Designers are chosen by staff members based on the above criteria and we prefer to approach a Artist but if you feel you match ALL of the above criteria and would like to be considered please drop me a pm with why you would like to be an artist here.

We are not looking for anymore Artists at the mintue but you never know.

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