Sims3 goth family sims2 version

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Sims3 goth family sims2 version

Post  pierre on Thu Feb 17, 2011 6:21 pm

hello everyone,

for everyone that knows the sims3 pretty well you all know that in the sims3 mortimer goth is a child well today i decide using the magic of simpe to remake the goth family from the sims3 as a sims2 family all i did was extract mortimer 's parents who in the sims2 are ghost sims and mortimer goth who in the sims2 is an elder well using body shop on these extracted sims i made mortimer goth a child, and gunther and cornilia adults sims so now you can have the pleasure of playing this family in the sims2 in any neighberhood that you went and even your own created neighberhood if you went.

enjoy this family and happy simming :mrgreen:

*Edit please note that the family is package from bodyshop so there is no cc since they are uploaded as seperate sims so feel free to unite this family and give them a happy home Wink

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