GuideLines and info for Requests.

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GuideLines and info for Requests.

Post  clc on Mon May 30, 2011 7:44 pm

Hello dear friends as you can see I have started my own request section!

I have done this so if you have a request that you would like me to do there is somewhere for you to post.

A few Guidelines:

For the time being only requests for sims 2 please as I have lost my sims 3 game disk.

Please start a new thread for each request.

No more than one request at a time please.

Please have patience as I can take a while sometimes due to real life.

I will do each request in order that they come, so please be patient if there are others before you.

Please follow all other site rules.

If you would like me to create something for your own sims site please let me know in the post so I know where I am posting.

Also if you are in a hurry or do not mind who completes your request feel free to post in the main request section of the site and then either pm me or post a link in this section letting me know you would like me to consider your request. And I will let you know.


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