Dutch Colonial - Roof Tutorial(credit go to gmawolf for writing this sims3 tut)

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Dutch Colonial - Roof Tutorial(credit go to gmawolf for writing this sims3 tut)

Post  pierre on Fri Feb 18, 2011 5:57 pm

I told several folks that I was going to do this tutorial, soooo, here ya go. It is very easy, I Promise...

First off, build your house foundation, and add the 1st and/or 2nd level of walls, but remember after the 1st level you will need to get rid of that Auto Roof...

Then you will need to click the Auto Roof, to off.

After that the next step will be, to add another set off walls. By using the "Create A Room" tool,
count in 3 squares from front or back of the house, and start at one end,

So far, so good.... Right? Of course I am... Very Happy

Next step, start adding roofs. so go into your roof tools.

Once open, click on the Half Gable Roof tool

Then staring at one corner, click and drag diagonally to the other end and to the nearest outside wall.

See now that was easy, wasn't it. Sure it was!!! Very Happy

Repeat that step on the opposite side.

Now you need to get the Gable Roof Tool

I think you know how to use that one, but just in case. Start at one corner, and drag to the opposite corner. Ok, ok, I know it isn't looking like the Dutch Colonial roofs that I made... That is when you go get that grifty (Grifty - A word we made up in the 60's combo word of groovy and nifty - Grifty!!!) pronounced grif - tee. Enough of the vocabulary lesson... Very Happy

With this tool you will need to bring the Gable Roof lower, I usually go to about the lowest point. Then use it to raise each side, I usually do that until the top line of the Half Gable roof is just showing in the Gable Roof... Hopefully I find those Pictures....

Of course repeat on the other side... Wouldn't want a lopsided roof, now would we...? Well, unless of course we were building a contemporary house. Laughing

That concludes this lesson on the Dutch Colonial style roof... Hope that it will be useful to at least a few of you. I hope to see some other Dutch Colonial Style houses (other that mine) real soon.

Keep on Simming!!! And as always have fun doing it.

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