Twins eye surgery (Sim story)

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Twins eye surgery (Sim story)

Post  pierre on Thu Dec 29, 2011 3:25 am

Hello Everyone today i am happy to share this nice little story with everyone on sh but first of all before starting the story, let me introduce to you the cast (Sims use for this story).

The Cast of the story:

Melody okie (melody simself) as melody handerson single mom

her son Adam handerson played by travis mcdermott ea sims is brother timi handerson played by another sim that melody made for my sims3 game.

Now on to the story

Chapter 1: moving in riverview

Hello everyone my name is melody handerson and i have move from bridgeport to riverview after the death of my husband that died from general cancer and after, hearing of an experimental eye laser surgery. That would help my son adam and timi cure there weak eyes that was discovered after i went a few days before i sold my condo in bridgeport to move in the house that i have inherited from my parents 2 years ago, next week i will go to an eye apointment for my sons and inquire with the reception the cost for an eye laser surgery at the riverview hospital where i plan on getting a job as i heard that working there may give me a Staff discount as this type of surgery is near 2000 simoleon per eye and if i count the staff discount it will turn out to be 1000 simoleon.

Stay tune for chapter 2 the eye exam

Chapter 2 Settling in and unpacking and looking for a job

Charaters seen and meet in chapter 2

Melody handerson and sons (melody okie simself)

Audrey 2 family 's cowplant

later in chapter 2 as chapter 2 will be in 2 parts:

Twins pedeatrician and family friends(*Sim needs to be made so its going to be a suprise)

on to the story

hello everyone Melody handerson here today i went for my job interview at the local river view hospital for the job position of head nurse in the pedearic chlidren ward of river view hospital as well as head nurse of the pedriatirc icu unit thats on the same floor, and also today i have had delivered my belove cowplant audrey 2 from the bridgeport storage unit. A few second before i left my friend and the pedeatrician that followed my twin boys since they where new born babys, and that had move a few days before i moved to riverview stay tune to chapter 2 part 2 to see the family friend and twins pedeatrician run to me before i go out of the hospital to head home told me that i had the job and that i would be working with him.

Stay tune for part 2 of chapter 2 and for part 2 i am in need of help to decide how the story should evole from this point and till the end

What should be the name of the family friend and twins pediatrician?

Should i use a maxi sim or extract an npc sim for the role?

and also should i plan for melody handerson to fall in love and marry the family friend since she is a widow and for the twins to gain a father since i did not mention the age of the twins when i mention the father died of cancer you will know more about this as i write part 2 of chapter 2

hello everyone and welcome to inspiring sims


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