Sugah's Place celebrates "End of Summer - Fun in the Sun"!

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Sugah's Place celebrates "End of Summer - Fun in the Sun"!

Post  Sugah on Mon Sep 16, 2013 6:05 pm

The Ladies of Sugah's Place
"End of Summer: Fun in the Sun"!

* 18 gorgeous new Sims @ The Modeling Agency *
- by Astral Faery, Autumnelle, ilikefishfood and Ullwera -

* Our August Sim of the Month "Sunny" *
- by Sugah -


* Several new CC & Maxis recolors *
- by Sugah & Ullwera -


* 2 fabulous new beach abodes *
- by ilikefishfood & Astral Faery -


Sugah's Place remains honored to have such loyal, devoted members with us.
Thank you for your ongoing support.

Be our 'FRIEND' & 'TWEET' yourself to a little Sugah ... Now on PINTEREST!



... Featuring beautiful Sim models, CC recolors, custom walls, prime real estate, original challenges and so much more ...

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